No Edit Html Option In New Blogspot/Blogger In Draft

If you are a blogspot/blogger user, then u may have noticed the blogger have removed the Edit Html Link from new blogger in draft dashboard.

This is quite frustrating as u can't not edit html of ur page.

But there are still 2 options to go to HTML code of ur template.

Please use This FeedBack Form to let blogger team know that you want Edit Html Option in New blogger

1st Option

Uncheck the Make Blogger in draft my default and reload the page by typing

It will take you to old dashboard.

2nd Option

Log into Blogger in draft

Click the Dashboard Button

Copy your BlogID from address bar of browser.

Now append your BlogID at the end of link mentioned below

Url should look like this

Where xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is your BlogID

Paste in address bar and u'll be taken to html code of your template.

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.net obfuscator said...

Didn't noticed .
Btw Thanks for your post. And, yes you are doing a great job . Keep it up.

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