Google Plus + Facebook Feeds Integration Extension

Integrate,Combine or fetch Facebook feeds in google plus with google+facebook extension.

Recently google has launched it's new social networking platform google Plus(google +),
and if you want to Integrate your facebook feeds inside it then this extension is for you.

Google+Facebook Feeds Extension

Google+Facebook allows you to see or integrate your Facebook stream inside Google Plus(Google+).

Simply Connect to Facebook, and get all the updates on your Google+ Facebook tab.

Crossrider has released the extension Google+Facebook. After downloading and installing it, a small Facebook tab appears at the top of the page, right beside the Google+ Home button. Clicking on it will display your Facebook news feed instead of your Google+ Stream. Just click on Home to go back. The extension even lets you update your Facebook status from withing Google+.

You can download Google+Facebook extension from this link

Enjoy google+ and facebook together

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