Forms Authentication In Asp.Net

Forms Authentication In Asp.Net 20.,3.5,4.0 With Folder Level Access And Managing Roles

Forms Authentication in

In examples below i'm explaining how to use forms authentication in Asp.Net and forms authentication tickets in

Forms Authentication In Asp.Net 2.0 and 3.5

Forms Authentication in ASP.NET is technique to decide how users can access your web application.

Using froms authentication we can decide certain users can access only certain pages or we can control the anonymous access, we can implement folder level access and access based on roles.

we can manage the access through web.config file or folder level access and through multiple web.config files using forms authentication.

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Forms Authentication Ticket In Asp.Net 2.0 And 3.5

In this article i am going to describe how to implement Forms authentication tickets and manage user roles based access in ASP.NET using C# and multiple web.config files

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Bypass Forms Authentication Or Skip Authorization

Some readers ask me how to skip or bypass forms authentication or Authorization for selected pages in or a scenario where only few pages on site needs user to log in rest can be accessed without login.

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Detecting Session Timeout and Redirect to Login Page in ASP.NET

In this example i'll show how to detect the session timeout which occurs when user is idle for the time specified as Session imeout,using forms authentication,C# asp.NET and if it is than redirect the user to login page to login again, for this i've set time out value in web.config file to 1 minute

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