Publish Deploy Asp.Net WebSite Application On IIS7 Server

This post explains how to Publish And Deploy Asp.Net Web Site Application On IIS7 Server.

Open Application in Visual Studio, Click on Build > Publish Web Site.

Publish Asp.Net Web Site Application In Visual Studio

Browse to where you want to save published DLLs,Files and other aspx pages. (TestWebSite)

Deploy Asp.Net WebSite On IIS Server

Copy TestWebSite folder inside C:\inetpub/wwwroot directory.

Click on Start Menu > Run > INETMGR to open IIS manager.

Click on sites > Default Web Site.

Right Click on folder we copied and Select Convert To Application.

Create new pool by right clicking on Application pools.

Create Application Pool On IIS

Go to Advance settings

Change Identity property to Local System.

Right Click On TestWebSite Application > Manage Application > Advance Settings.

Assign Application Pool we created earlier to this web App.

Open Internet browser and type http://localhost/testwebsite to browse your website application.

Hope this helps.

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