Backup Set Holds A Backup Of A Database Other Than The Existing

If you are getting Error 3154 or The Backup Set Holds A Backup Of A Database Other Than The Existing Database Error while restoring backup of sql server from one system to another,

Than you need use following command to get rid of this error and restore the Sql server database

FROM DISK = 'C:\BackupFileName.bak'

This will hopefully fix the error and restore the database

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Anonymous said...

ytgr fehkr er we

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot this worked

Anonymous said...

It works; but not for this scenario

Backup from SS 2003 with database files locate in driver D:
Restore into SS 2008, the machine has only driver C:

For solving this:

1) I create new DB with database files located in driver d:
2) Get the backup from SS 2003
3) Restore in SS 2008 using WITH REPLACE

Anonymous said...

i used fix error "The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing database-Sql Server Error 3154" by using command:
FROM DISK = 'D:\Software_deploy\Database\ACS2011'
WITH MOVE 'ACS2011_Data' TO 'D:\Software_deploy\Database\Tea2011.mdf',
MOVE 'ACS2011_Log' TO 'D:\Software_deploy\Database\Tea2011.ldf',
with ACS2011: backup file
Tea2011.mdf and Tea2011.ldf: database need restore
ACS2011_Data And ACS2011_Log: Database backuped to file ACS2011

yes.sudhanshu said...

helped me, thanks

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