VisualStudio Setup Project Updates Version Already Installed Error

Visual Studio Setup Project Updates Another Version Of This Product Is Already Installed Error In Windows Forms or WinForms .

Setup Project Another version already installed error

When we make changes or update in windows forms or winforms application and create setup project to reinstall the application, we get below mentioned error.

Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version can not continue.
To configure or remove theexisting version of this product use Add/Remove programs on the control panel.

This error comes because of the same product code and version of application already installed.

To get rid of it we need to configure our setup project as mentioned below.

1. Select and highlight your setup project in solution explorer window.

Highlight setupproject

2. press F4 key to open properties window.

Change version of setup project

3. In this window, RemovePreviousVersions property is set to false by default, change it to TRUE.

4. change last digit of version (something like 1.0.11).

Click yes on next confirmation screen.

Now you need to build setup project again

Right click on setup project name and select BUILD.

now try to install the application over existing one and you won''t get the error.

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