Create Setup And Deployment Project in Visual Studio 2008/2010

Create Setup And Deployment Project In Visual Studio 2008/2010 For Asp.Net Web And Windows Applications

Create setup Project In Visual Studio

In this example i am going to explain how to create setup and deployment project for winforms windows application using visual studio 2005/2008/2010.

Similar approach can be applied for creating setup project for web application as well.

First of all create any sample windows/web application.

Create setup project

Right click on solution explorer root and select Add > New project 

In add new project dialog box select setup and deployment from other project types and then select Setup Project.

In the setup project file system editor window, right click on Application folder > Add > Project Output 

Now select primary output from next dialog box and click on OK.

Right click on User's desktop and create shortcut to primary output in application folder.

Similarly add shortcut in user's program menu.

Build the project by right clicking on setup project name and run the setup.

Hope this helps 

Download the sample code attached 

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RR said...

Hello, is there a way to change the connection string by this setup deployment?

And also look if a database is created or not, so the user can decide if is a new installation or an upgrade.

And if it´s an upgrade how to remove the older one, and place the new one?


Unknown said...

@RR: Read VisualStudio SetupProject Updates Version Already Installed Error . to know how install updates

Anonymous said...

It's really useful demo but i have a query that when i install some software in different PC i need to say first that I Accept licenses terms and condition and then proceed to installation further
This is my query

Thank you

Unknown said...

@Above: Please Read Add License Agreement In Visual Studio Setup Project to know how to add license agreement in setup project

Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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